Let’s hear it for the side-hustle!

The global growth of the side-hustle necessitates some careful thought about whether, and how, companies should support their employees who practice an income-generating activity alongside their day job. Millennials don’t have exclusive rights to the side-hustle, but the millennial hustle is an increasingly common practice.

Side-hustling can belong to two broad categories:

Should I support my millennial employee’s side-hustle?

The short answer: yes! Definitely.

To give you a longer answer we’ve been inspired by the Global Entrepreneurship Index, and particularly looked at the components of the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Have a look here at the original GEI report for details.

That sounds awesome! So how can I support my millennial’s hustling?

It’s great that you’re on board with the hustle. Have a look at the questions below and consider your answers. Focus on a quick-win solution for your first-step.

  • Can you offer your millennial hustlers mentorship or coaching from seniors and execs? How easy will it be to get some champions to buy-in?
  • Are you able to facilitate networking opportunities for your millennial hustlers? What’s stopping you from setting up a speak’n’snack?
  • Does your organisational environment foster an innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial culture? How can you shift your organisational culture into this direction?
  • Is there scope for you to run skills-shares, trainings, or other developmental interventions for your hustlers? What human and material resources do you need to make this a reality?

If you’d like to discuss your answers with us, connect with us at hello@merakicollective.co.za and let’s take the conversation further!

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