We work closely with our clients to identify strategic gaps or weaknesses through a critical examination of organizational goals and business processes. In addition to a robust strategy, proper systems and execution are vital for the success of a project. We therefore include logframe development in our strategy development process, so that project guidelines are clear and ROI can be easily measured. We strive to develop insights that work for our clients, are customized, and lead to deliverable actions.

We use a 6 step strategy development process as a guideline.

  1. Situational analysis and benchmarking

    Using a combination of insider perceptions and external data, a comprehensive analysis is completed.

  2. Objective setting

    Desired endpoint and milestones are mapped out.

  3. Strategy development

    Strategy developed with sensitivity to context, parameters and opportunities.

  4. Operationalization

    Stakeholders, resources, project processes and potential blockers are identified.

  5. Logframe development

    Finalization of project plan and logframe development.|

  6. Feedback and training

    Strategy, operational plan and logframe discussed with all stakeholders, and training organized when necessary.