Organizational Design

Workplaces are complex environments, requiring an expert eye to understand the subtle dynamics that govern relationships, production, and processes. We work with you to combine an insider’s understanding of an environment, with the perspective of an outsider looking in. This blended approach elucidates hidden stumbling blocks, and uncovers nodes of potential and efficiency.

Programme Design

Effective learning programmes are difficult to design, and we understand that you may need insight to inform how you go about translating your vision into practice. We draw on our experience, as well as research and industry benchmarking, to offer you honest and useful input into your programme design.

Interested in what we've done previously?


An industry mediating body was in the process of launching a mentorship programme between young entrants to the workforce and well-established senior professionals. Meraki came on board to advise on the structure of the programme, including selection criteria of mentees, activities to generate meaningful engagement, and peer learning opportunities in the long-term rollout of the programme.


A national retailer was interested in setting up a learning academy for new and existing employees in the ecommerce space. Meraki advised on a blended learning model that integrated on-the-job training with elearning, facilitated sessions, and small group coaching.


A mid-sized Accounting firm was looking for insight into how to support trainee CAs to better prepare them for success in their Board exams. Meraki conducted research into success factors and areas of improvement and identified two points of intervention where the greatest impact would be felt.