Meraki Collective is a values-driven human capital consultancy.

We believe that people thrive in environments that encourage their wholehearted engagement. If people have the agency, space and skill to explore their latent potential and express their energy and interests in a supportive professional ecosystem, then the workplace can be a site of profound transformation. Engaged people are engaged employees, and engaged workplaces foster a culture of optimism and productivity.

Our principles of learning:

  • Learning is as much a social process as it is a cognitive one. We need to leverage off and support the interpersonal relationships that facilitate learning in the workplace.
  • Learning cannot be separated from the identity of the individual. We cannot hope to ignite meaningful learning without addressing the needs and circumstances of the individual.
  • Learning in the workplace is a collective activity. We need to build robust communities of practice that encourage knowledge-sharing.
  • Learning is purposeful. Learning programmes should be clearly linked to the career aspirations and intended growth trajectories of individuals.

We aren’t fans of convention; we’re innovative, experimental and evidence-based. We work with clients to develop learning and development interventions that are embedded in their specific cultural and operational context. We create strategies, programmes and materials that excite individuals and inspire engagement.

[may - rah - kee] - (n.) the soul, creativity, and love invested into an endeavour; the unique part of you that you embed in your work.